Monday, August 3, 2015

Copying mass Google Drive files outside of your domain

Okay, so I spoke too soon about posting over the weekend, but hey, at least it's only Monday!

So how often do I use Google Drive? Literally all day, every day! How many files have I created or collaborated on in my two years in my current district? I've lost count! So how much would it suck if I eventually left my current district & lost all those files? So much!

Chances are: you are in the same boat. Well, I'm here to tell you, you don't need to lose those files, you just need to transfer them from your district/work account to your personal account! It's a pretty simple process, just takes a couple steps. This method I am going to teach you will not only transfer all the files that are currently in your district/work account, but it will make it easy to put your future items in the same place, accessible on either your personal or district/work account! This is something you should do now, before your Drive becomes any larger, and you have to spend hours upon hours fixing.

How to: Copy mass Google Drive files outside your domain

Please be aware that this particular method works solely for Chromebooks, not Mac or Windows PCs; for similar steps on these types of PCs, please email me! Please watch my YouTube tutorial for a visual of the following steps. (steps 8-10 not included in video) 
  1. Login to your district/work account.
  2. Create a folder & drag all files into this one folder. (this will make it extremely easy if all things to be copied are in one central folder)
  3. Share this folder with your personal account.
  4. Switch over to your personal account.
  5. Find the folder that you shared from your district/work account.
  6. Open your Files app on Chromebook and find folder shared from district/work account. (may take a few minutes for shared folder to appear)
  7. Select shared folder, then copy (ctrl+c) & paste (ctrl+v).  Copying process will begin & may take significant time to complete. (you can check on the process in your drive at any time)
  8. Once you are positive everything has been copied over, go back over to your district/work account & delete the original folder. (WARNING: this will delete all files from your district account, so don't delete until you are POSITIVE your personal account has them all!)
  9. Switch back to your personal account & share your newly copied folder with all your work files to your district/work account. (Why this step? You will want to personally own anything you create, but still be able to work on it on either account.)
  10. Save all future files to this shared file, all files will be accessible on both accounts! (Keep in mind, however, that if you create any of the new files in your district/work account that you'll have to later duplicate the file to your personal account again <--my suggestion? always create new in your personal account!)

Remember, as always, email me your questions, requests, or advice! My email can be found here!

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