Friday, August 21, 2015

Book Lists: Part Two

As stated in last week's post, two ways to help student's generate a book list are to provide them with multiple examples (book talks) and have them take an Interest Survey. The next step is to have them personally examine their survey results to see patterns of things they are interested in. For this, I use the Google Sheets AddOn, AutoCrat, that automatically generates a document or PDF based on the form.

A few days after students take the survey, I have them pull up the generated document, and begin to analyze their responses for patterns. After some time looking through their results, students are then introduced to multiple online resources to help find reading material relevant to these interests. Please check out my list of resources on the provided book list template. (Keep in mind this document is currently being revised for this year!) My personal favorite is Goodreads; I'm obsessed with this one! What's great about this is that you can type in a book, author, genre, anything you're interested in and be directed to lists relevant to whatever you typed in. Some of these lists have thousands of books!

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