Friday, August 7, 2015

Check Plus System

The check plus system is a grading system I started using last year for quick checking of student material. What is this system? This is a system I learned from one of my professors while in college & it really resonated well with me! When students turn in work, they either receive a check-mark (which indicates the assignment is turned in but not complete) or a check-mark & a plus sign  (which indicates the assignment is both turned in & complete) Once a student received a check-plus, the assignment would be entered in the gradebook, for full credit. The student would receive full credit unless the assignment was turned in late. Why do I use this system? When given a percentage, students tend to get very emotionally attached to the value & do not, usually, see the point in making improvements. This system encourages them to make improvements! Be aware, I only use this system with assignments that are okay for students to receive full credit for completing (I do not do this for all assignments).

I need your help!

While this system worked great this past year, I have a conundrum that I would like some advice on! A majority of other teachers in my building use check-marks to denote an incorrect answer. Therefore, I run into the issue of students being confused and, at times, depressed, that I gave them a check-mark on the assignment. What can I use instead of a check-mark? I have thought about using a star, but the star & plus-sign combination looks a tad strange!

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